The Severed Limb

Today I went to the excellent Vauxhall Car Boot Art Fair, outside the former Truman Brewery off Brick Lane.  It was a fabulously kooky, extravagant affair, burlesque and grotesque in places, shy and loveable in others, with bargains aplenty and more crazy characters than your average David Lynch triple bill.  As the name would suggest, it was mainly art-focused, but there was also plenty of food and drink and a stage with sporadic performances.

As I wandered around giddily in the hot sun, slaloming between robot palm readers and men in pink-neon one-pieces, I caught the end of a set by The Severed Limb.  Looking very East London, with braces over vintage tee-shirts, Brylcreemed quiffs and awkward charm, the seven-piece (all men) performed a  rollicking lo-fi number, driven by howling guitars and lifted by their singer’s boyish voice.  Other than blandly saying “folk”, I’m not really sure how to label their stuff, if labelling were required – skiffle is the verdict of their MySpace page, while I detected whiffs of rockabilly, jive and Elvis, and that just in the one song.  Whatever, it’s good, lively stuff and really good fun to tap your feet to.  Listening to more of the band’s stuff on the aforementioned MySpace page, their accordions and harmonicas take me back to an imagined yellowy age of voiceboxes and Johnny Cash country, while the fast, fun riffs make me want to twirl around with a pretty girl, and then take her to a drive-thru cinema.  The page also features a dance-y remix of one of their songs, the addition of big, bouncy electro beats making for an interesting, if-not-wonderful, twist on The Severed Limb’s normal fare.

I talked to some of the band afterwards, and they told me of a couple London dates coming up:

Thu 18 Jun: The Montague Arms
Sun 5 Jul: Southwark Irish Festival, Peckham Rye

There are plenty of performances in the counties just outside London listed, too.  Catch them if you can.

MP3: The Severed Limb – Are You Loathsome Tonight? (Lalory Space Cowboy Remix)

~ by ripamel on 14/06/2009.

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