Free Atmosphere EP!

Fresh from a recent show at their seemingly one-and-only London haunt, the Scala, Minneapolis hip-hop duo Atmosphere are back home putting the final licks and kisses on the next album.  But before that, in a bid to whet appetites and stir fevers (and to hype the band’s new digital online store), they’ve made a seven-track EP freely available.  Perhaps with a nod to these days of musical piracy and illegal internet distribution, it’s called ‘Leak At Will’, and in Atmosphere’s words “was a lot of fun to make. nothing too serious, just smiles and cries. Consider it another “thank you” for all of the support you have offered us over the years.”

It’s good stuff – nothing too lengthy or complex but full of those savvy, adept observations and neatly mundane lyrics that’s the Atmosphere signature, with catchy hooks and/or samples sweeping up behind them. There’s even their own ‘Feel-Good Hit Of The Summer’, with a number 2 at the end, just as focused on narcotics as Queens of the Stone Age’s version.  Personally I think Atmosphere sound a bit too gangsta these days – it’s all niggers, coke and fuck X and Y, rather than soulful, insecure laments about hangovers and or analysing the urban strife on show in their home city – such as in F-GHOTS2, where Anthony says of drug use: “Stay away from me if your life’s getting stupid / And please stop pretending it makes better music”.  In general though, these are still nice, decent tunes and really, who’s complaining if it’s free?! 

To download ‘Leak At Will’, you need to go to said online store – – find the EP (currently featured on the landing page) and add it to your cart.  From there, go to check-out and then you’ll need to register an account.  The ‘State/Province’ box reverts to manual entry if you select a country other than the USA below.  And you can click ‘no payment details needed’ when it asks for credit card numbers, and not have to enter any such info – a relief for all us fraud-fearers out there, even though I’m sure Atmo’s site is perfectly safe.  It comes down in zip file format too, so beware of that.  Enjoy!

~ by ripamel on 05/07/2009.

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