Florence and the Obscene

She’s got a voice cased in gold and the raven-haired looks of a Greek temptress.  She leaves it all on stage wherever she performs, and positively defines vintage, charity shop chic.  There’s much to admire in Florence Welch, aka Florence and the Machine, as much as there are things to dislike (having met her, I’m of the opinion she really isn’t the world’s nicest girl).  There’s certainly reasons aplenty for catching her free in-store gig tonight at Rough Trade East, off Brick Lane here in London.

And yet, it turns out the gig isn’t free at all.  Well, not unless you purchase ‘Lungs’, Flo’s debut album, out this week.  Which costs £13.  Which is about £13 more expensive than most free things. Which is, I think, awful. 

In their defence, the record shop would probably stipulate that they never advertised a free show; and that real Florence fans would buy the album anyway.  All total nonsense – every other Rough Trade show is free, and what happened to going to an in-store gig to scout out a new act, someone you might like?  Shame on you Rough Trade.


~ by ripamel on 06/07/2009.

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