New London Music – GCSE Music

I aim to regularly blog about emerging London-based musical talent, so much is there waiting to be discovered.  There’s also a lot of dross, too, so think of me as your tour guide is this world of red herrings and plain gone-off herrings, prodding you in the direction of lurking pearls.  That truly terrible watery analogy out of the way, let’s move on to my first-ever recommendation:

GCSE Music
Their MySpace page is so spectacularly devoid of band information, and a Google search so incredibly useless (think EdExcel’s website and the BBC’s education page), that I’m going to be forced into taking blithely irresponsible guesses about these electro popsters.  From their five songs, I’d say this is two people, one on vocals and both on highly clever keyboards and computer sample programmes, with one possibly playing guitar.  At times.  Other useful facts I can tell you is that they’re from SE London and represented by the same management as cocknbullkid (who I like) and The Feeling (who I don’t).

But what of GCSE Music’s, er, music?  Well, it’s like eating an entire pack of Refreshers while smoking a huge joint and running around in circles with hands out-stretched.  Something like that, anyway; for the main, this is carefully constructed pop, full of samples, big bouncy beats with a dose of disco, and reasonably high-pitched vocals, occasionally interspersed with much more sardonic, grubbier tones.  It all feels slightly boyish – a back-room, spare-time project by geeks who are too sensible to expect success.  They might just get it, though, particularly thanls to TV Music, the most gorgeous electronically-tinged song I’ve heard in many a MySpace sesh, and a neat little paean to televisions to boot.  It’s a delicious dream of a song and easily my current lights-out fave. On and On is much rockier but similarly catchy, with satirical lyrics about the conveyor belt of one-hit wonders, new bandwagon and the general clamour to be de rigeur.

Some of the rest have the capacity to annoy me over time, but that’s a minor criticism as I’m easily bored.  There’s real potential here (said in Simon Cowell voice) and I’m excited to hear more songs.  If any live dates are announced, I’ll break the news here quicksmart!

GCSE Music – I Love TV (zSHARE)


~ by ripamel on 10/07/2009.

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