Fool’s Gold – tropical, topical rock

As recently revealed on the brilliant Nialler9 blog, LA-based eight-piece (plus several percussionists) Fool’s Gold are the latest addition to the IAmSound roster.  This is a fab label that’s seeing some mega success this year, with Florence and the Machine and Little Boots selling shedloads of records, and edgier acts like Telepathe, cockandbullkid and Suckers gaining a devoted underground following. As for Fool’s Gold, they appear common to two recent musical themes: they’re a motley collection of musicians from successful existing bands (We Are Scientists, Glasser, Foreign Born and The Fall), and they’re peddling an African-influenced, tropical sound.  Initially, the former factor makes me worry how long they’ll be around; and the latter seems a bit of trendy cliché (it’s, like, so cool to sound African, darling)… but both of these become pifflingly minor concerns once I hear this band’s stuff..

At the moment Fool’s Gold’s MySpace page has two songs available: Surprise Hotel is a sweet, prolonged jam comprising an extended chirpy intro, Calypso-style pronouncements, careering guitar prangs around one sweet, summer’s dream of a chord, and some giddy group vocal harmonies, with lyrics so gloriously mumbly they’re less words than mere sound groups that you sing along to in an ad-lib way – “me capa na haaaa, laaaaaa diii ahaaaaa” while lolling your head delightedly. So fresh and lively does Surprise Hotel feel, you wonder if it’s being made up on the spot, just for you. I scarcely dare imagine how good it sounds live, although the videos on the MySpace page give some idea.  As for the other track, Nadine (not a Chuck Berry cover), it’s more brass-based and grandiose, but just as incorrigible in a get-out-of-that-seat-and-onto-the-dancefloor-NOW kinda way, especially via rather naughty saxophone licks, and similarly reeking of Latin Jazz loveliness.

Best of all (arguably), Fool’s Gold’s debut is out on September 29, i.e. my birthday!  So if anyone’s stuck on what to buy me… well, you know…

Fool’s Gold on MySpace

Fool’s Gold – Surprise Hotel (zSHARE)


~ by ripamel on 12/07/2009.

2 Responses to “Fool’s Gold – tropical, topical rock”

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  2. […] Gold – Surprise Hotel (Phaseone Remix) I loved this song as it was, meaning Phaseone’s reworking takes some getting used to.  The funky […]

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