The Almighty Defenders – come closer, please

Garage rock’s a genre that’s strongly prevalent right now, but Beverly Hills act The Almighty Defenders take things a bit further – or back, perhaps, as they rather remind of the Ramones.  Recently released song Bow Down And Die sounds like it was recorded with woollen gloves over the mikes, or with the band about at 20 paces, scarcely in audible range.  It sounds, purposefully, rather like a poorly-produced recording of an aspiring pub band, distinctly amateurish with lots of wailing, screaming voices uniting in a slightly drunken, uproarious choruses – the sort of chaotic brouhaha that typified recordings by Joey Ramone and co.  Turning the volume up doesn’t help a bit.

Lord knows why they’ve chosen this style of production – perhaps it’s relevant to the rebellious, punkish lyrics, perhaps it’s merely affected chic, or perhaps this really is all the band could afford.  Whatever, it totally works.  Bow Down And Die is a cheery anthem; a singalong spectacular which makes you yearn to be in the studio with these guys, prior to a doubtlessly crazy night out consisting of debauched cavorting, gymnastic dances and hurling TVs out of hotel windows.  Put simply, it’s fun and infectious – however far away they stand from the mic – and praise be for that. 

The Almighty Defenders on MySpace

The Almighty Defenders – Bow Down And Die (zSHARE)

~ by ripamel on 14/07/2009.

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