Julian Casablancas from The Strokes to release solo album

It’s been announced today that Julian Casablancas, founding member, lead singer and general icon of The Strokes, will soon release a solo album.  NME broke the news, followed by an official email. So far though, the details are the anorexic side of sketchy.

We have a name (Phrazes for the Young) and also some song titles (River of Brake Lights, Glass and Ludlow St) for those interested in such things.  We know that in the UK it’s coming out via Julian’s own label, Cult Records, in collaboration with Rough Trade.  We’re told that “plans for a solo tour are in the pipeline”.  We’ve been given a loose release date (“Fall”).  And we have available a sample – a 90 second video available on www.juliancasablancas.com.  Truth be told it’s pretty unhelpful – pretty yes, but revelatory no, sounding more like a grand introduction instrumental for a live gig than any tangible new sound.  There’s no singing from Julian, although he does approach the mic in the video, so it seems likely his distinctive vocals will feature prominently.

Keep checking back here for when the first songs break…


~ by ripamel on 16/07/2009.

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