Live in London – The XX (but be quick, tickets limited!)

Writing this in a total hurry as I’m so mean’t to be packing for my festival weekend, but it’s urgent so…

The XX have announced two exclusive London gigs, on August 17th and 18th, at Hoxton Hall.  That, not uncoincedentally, is also the week they’ll release our debut album.  It’s a postage stamp-sized venue and as such tickets are selling out quicker than you can ask “who are The XX?”  The answer being a four-piece band proffering very cool, minimalist pop, slow and smooth, and with lovely rhythms and refrains to burn. 

Live dates
Mon 17 August – Hoxton Hall (buy tickets here)
Tues 18 August – Hoxton Hall (buy tickets here)

The XX on MySpace

The XX – Crystalised (zSHARE)

Happy weekend everyone – have a good one and see you next week… Richard


~ by ripamel on 23/07/2009.

3 Responses to “Live in London – The XX (but be quick, tickets limited!)”

  1. […] Also well worth a peek is the epic, pulsing electrica-rock of Errors (13:30 – Stage 1: Eat Your Own Ears), Wild Beasts‘ (17:45 – Stage 3 – Adventures in the Beetroot Field) lush, languid and goosebump-bothering Northern pop, and the suspiciously simple, rarefied pop refrains provided by The XX (15:30 – Stage 5: Bloggers Delight), about whom I recently gushed here. […]

  2. […] The XX’s music: edgy, elusive, androgynous and powerfully pretty.  As I’ve said here before, whether seen live or heard, this quartet are an aloof band whose stop-start melodies that […]

  3. […] xx Much discussed on this blog already, the achingly hip pop auteurs are now due to play an extra date in Camden: […]

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