New Rainbow Arabia song + EP out

Rainbow Arabia have celebrated the release of their new EP, Kabukimono, by putting a new track up on MySpace – Harlem Sunrise.  It’s a real good’un – more catchy and upbeat than some RA tracks, and blessed with an addictive, recurrent guitar riff. 

If you’ve never come across them, Rainbow Arabia are the gorgeous Tiffany Preston, singing, guitarring and percussioning, and Danny Preston, her (damn!) husband who mans the keyboards and has never knowingly stopped dancing on the spot or not been wearing a bowler hat.  The aforementioned EP name typifies their worldly pretensions and huge range of influences, all of which makes genre-lising them a tad tricky. There are definite elements of jazz and funk though, and hints of the more experimental edges of lounge music, a la Nancy Wilson. I saw them play live at the MacBeth earlier this year and they were excellent: theirs is not so much a sound you dance manically do, as tap your feet, gently bop whatever booty is available to you, and mist your eyes in admiration.

That is, until Holiday in Congo, normally (I believe) the last song, and a real giddy-up, unbutton-that-top-collar anthem.  My friend, flatmate and co-musical adventurer Richard (another one) observed that this was the second best-ever song he’d ever heard about the Congo (behind the Um Bongo theme tune, but beating all instrumental music from the Crichton book-based gorilla film).

Rainbow Arabia on MySpace

Rainbow Arabia – Holiday in Congo (zSHARE)

Buy the Kabukimono EP here (Amazon)


~ by ripamel on 23/07/2009.

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