Ellie Goulding & Starsmith cover Passion Pit…

Speaking of Passion Pit, Ellie Goulding’s posted an excellent cover of the band’s initial attention-grabber Sleepyhead.  It has herself and Neon Gold buddy/producer Starsmith providing the vocals, the latter singing for the first-ever time!  And it’s excellent – Starsmith re-wires the bouncy beats nice and minimally, while Ellie’s even sings the samples Passion Pit borrowed from Mary O’Hara’s Oro Mo Bhaidin, which I think’s pretty impressive.  This is clearly a considered, loving makeover, rather than a bland re-make for promotion’s sake.  See what you think, though – it’s below to download.

Update: Ellie’s single/album coming soon
In other Ellie news, after signing for Polydor about three weeks ago, she’s now poised to release her first single soon, with an album following by “late spring”.

Ellie Goulding on MySpace

Ellie Goulding + Starsmith – Sleepyhead (zSHARE)


~ by ripamel on 26/07/2009.

2 Responses to “Ellie Goulding & Starsmith cover Passion Pit…”

  1. I’m really digging this remix, maybe even more than the original. I hope her solo stuff is cool.

    • As I’ve probably mumbled somewhere on here, I loved the first lot of solo stuff Ellie did – the more recent has been a bit too much plain-and-simple pop for my tastes.. it will be interesting to hear where her debut album will sit..

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