Rotten Hill Gang: a postscript

André from Rotten Hill Gang has written to update me on the gig situation:

“We don’t have many gigs lined up because we’re finishing some mixing first. Well, actually, we’ve done the mixes and we’re polishing off some links between the tracks, which currently comprise Joseph Fiennes reading some Shakespeare over a dub backing, but that may be subject to change. I’ll send you a copy when it’s done and mastered.”  And I’ll pass that on to you, dear readers!

André also commented on Mick’s role in the band:

“Mick’s not actually part of RHG so his availability doesn’t make any difference. That said, he’s a close friend, of course (and indeed my cousin), so he’s welcome any time!”

And finally, on the subject of future gigs:

“The two gigs we do have lined up are at the Rock’n’Roll Public Library on Aug 21 together with Mick’s own band, Carbon/Silicon, and on Aug 30 at the Notting Hill Carnival on the Gaz’ Rockin’ Blues stage.”

And so:

Live dates:
Fri 21 Aug – Rock’n’Roll Public Library
Sun 30 Aug – Gaz’ Rockin’ Blues stage, Notting Hill Carnival

Rotten Hill Gang on MySpace
Carbon/Silicon on MySpace


~ by ripamel on 03/08/2009.

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