Miike Snow – an apology

I wrote a post a while ago sneeringly disparaging Swedish electrolytes Miike Snow’s Animal for its 80s fawning.  While not feeling any differently about that track, I am beginning to realise it was a one-off, an expression or homage perhaps, rather than the band’s chosen mode.

Since then I’ve become hooked on In Search Of, with its haunting, stop-start bleakness and pulsating digital wobbles, and fallen in love with Silvia, a slower ballad that purrs along through electronic cascades and elegant vocals for three minutes before going utterly haywire, the singer’s lines distorted into marauding samples. The song soars, quietens, soars, and so on, and is a total masterpiece of computer-heavy pop.  Black and Blue isn’t bad either: a mundane pop number lifted by another pretty middle section.

I got you all wrong, Miike Snow, and I humbly apologise.

Live date:
Fri 21 Aug – Cargo, Shoreditch (it’s only fricking free – details here)

Miike Snow on MySpace

Miike Snow – In Search Of (zSHARE)
Miike Snow – Silvia (zSHARE)

Buy Miike Snow’s self-titled debut album here (Amazon)

~ by ripamel on 04/08/2009.

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