Live in London – Jonjo Feather

With his murmurous, almost sighing vocal style, Jonjo Feather is never a singer likely to fit in.  His rarefied, distorted-sounding pop is a real experience, characterised by the distinct singing.  Listen to Jonjo in a dark room and it’s as though he’s whispering sweet-nothings, or poison, inches from your ear, purring into it with dark intent.


His songs are brief little lullabies, a passing swarm of sounds from feverish noise to (mainly) languid lo-fi sensibility or buzzing static.  Each has its own merits and memories.  On Little Spark an electric guitar occasionally makes sharp sounds vaguely reminiscent of late 90s pop-rock amid otherwise placid stringwork.  The breathless, hushed chanting on Hypnotise Me echoes Pearl Jam’s most alternative phase, when they record Vitalogy. Taxi is more poppy, with likeable riffs tempting your arms to gesticulate along with them.  I Suppose is a vicious little tyke, boasting a feedback-heavy singing and a devilish bassline.

Jonjo’s got a live date in September and I really recommend going along if you can.  On stage, he’s a classic one-man-band, variously playing guitar, harmonica, keys and drums, plus singing in distinct styles, supported by an equally dexterous pal.  He’s at once shy and confident, withdrawn but deeply expressive.  You won’t see anything else like it.

Live date:
Thurs 10 Sept – The Victoria (Mile End)

Jonjo Feather on MySpace


~ by ripamel on 05/08/2009.

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