Modest Mouse release King Rat video – “directed by Heath Ledger”

Modest Mouse have released a video for forthcoming single King Rat that was supposedly ‘directed by Heath Ledger’.  In fact it’s unclear how much the late actor and now cult figure had to do with things: a note after the song concludes is decidedly vague, if rather nice and moving in its brevity:

“This began with our friend, a great defender in life, and was completed in his spirit”.

It certainly was.  The video is positively Ledgerish, offering another glimpse into the dystopian, phobic world his fabulous Joker first introduced us to, and retaining the disarming edge which separated him as an actor in all roles.  In it, a group of fish go sailing, and soon wind up fishing humans out of the sea, bloodily severing still-live cadavers and then taking them to NYC to become factory pulp, and eventually little bite-sized snacks for hungry fish families.  Filmed as a grey, abstract cartoon drawn in sharp lines, this is an obvious reverse of the actual status quo on our planet, and does a good job of making you think how cruel we are to little fishies.

It also compliments King Rat well – it being one of the best Modest Mouse tracks I’ve heard in a while.  Usually I find them catchy, but a bit basic; this song is darker and more mysterious, filled with stop-start guitars, twee brass cameos and a natty little rhythm that keeps you guessing.  I sense Heath would approve.

modest mouse

Modest Mouse on MySpace

Modest Mouse – King Rat (zSHARE)

~ by ripamel on 05/08/2009.

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