Live in London – Bowerbirds

The world is simple here… an idyll of leopard-frogs, friendly farmers, snow on Christmas Day, haystacks, spectacular sunsets, kindly policemen and perfect, giddying girls who stay with you for life and disobey their fathers and never, ever, break your heart.  It’s a land where no-one gets old and bands still play on bandstands, the whole community there whooping along in glee.  Comprising the duo of Phil Moore and Beth Tacular, plus new drummer Phil, Bowerbirds’ songs are homely and humble as parables or lullabies, and somehow feel timeless, as though they’ve been delivered from a distant land across the ocean in a seashell, or perhaps by divine force. 

Oh, and the lyrics.  Tender and profound, but also disarmingly simple.  Such as this eloquent intro to the patient Northern Lights: “I don’t need from you a waterfall of careless praise / And I don’t need a trophy for all the games I’ve played / All I want is your eyes”.  Terrible grammar, gorgeous line.


If I was being responsible, I’d label Bowerbirds alt-country-folk or some equally horrendous categorisation; but instead, in the gay spirit of their harmonies, I’d say they sound like a tropical breeze, a hug from a lover or a new, perfectly snug jumper.  Beth’s accordion chimes hauntingly, her higher-pitched vocals neatly underscoring Phil’s leveller tones, and I would listen to this band all day given the chance.

Good news for me, then, that Bowerbirds are soon to be in town, with what Phil and Beth call “a rotating cast of musicians”…

Live date:
Tues Oct 27 – Cargo, Shoreditch (tickets and info here)

Bowerbirds on MySpace
Bowerbirds website

Bowerbirds – Bur Oak (zSHARE)


~ by ripamel on 06/08/2009.

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