Timber Timbre

I came across Timber Timbre via Cool Hunting, so they must be, well, cool.  They’re also edgy, awkward, a bit hypnotic maybe and very difficult to pigeon-hole.  There’s a definite blues element in the small-town tales and relentless, recurrent plodding beats.  In the case of Trouble Comes Knocking, it’s a sort of macabre theatre, with regular writhes from what sounds like an accordion. Lay Down In The Tall Grass is much more minimal and slow-fi, and it’s tootling rattle wouldn’t be out of place on a Tim Burton soundtrack.  As for There Is A Cure, it has more of woozy, Southern Blues feel, and sounds like it was recorded in an echoey woodshed caked in history and voodoo and lord knows what else.

Timber Timbre on MySpace

MP3: Timber Timbre – There Is A Cure (zSHARE)



~ by ripamel on 09/08/2009.

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  1. […] even the music is dark and scary. Gives me chills down my spine. I see good things coming from Timber Timbre for the […]

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