The Sound Of Arrows – 90s pap or Naughties neatness?


The Sound of Islands are the latest Neon Gold hopefuls, proving how wrong I was to think that Ellie Goulding was as pop as the label was prepared to get.  The Swedish – of course, everyone’s from Sweden at the moment – act are pretty much the definition of popcorn.

Listening to break-out single Into The Clouds reminds me of the opening scene in Alice In Wonderland, as Alice falls endlessly, at speed and yet at complete ease, down a mutating, magical rabbit hole.  (I realise I am suggesting the obvious drug analogy here, but let’s ignore that for now.)  This is a song that gentle frazzles along, all syrupy electro beats that wash over you like a Thai masseuse as you struggle to retain focus.  In one sense it’s gorgeous, graceful and great, total poppy-field bliss.  In another it’s dull as ditchwater, and the stuff of 90s pop coyly recycled into cool Shoreditch electro.  Come out, come out, wherever you are Robert Miles…

Their album’s due to drop in September.

The Sound of Arrows on MySpace
The Sound of Arrows’ website

The Sound of Arrows – Into The Clouds (zSHARE)

~ by ripamel on 11/08/2009.

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