Sian Alice Group – new video, new London date

Sian Alice Group have released a video to back up the second single, Close to the Ground, from their second album Troubled, Shaken, etc. Directed by guitarist Ben Crook, it is shot in the eerie environs of Dungeness, a Kent headland famous for its shingle expanse, its lighthouses and its being the residence-of-choice for Derek Jarman.  A suitably oddball place for this maverick, esoteric band, basically, and a landscape perfectly suited to singer Sian Ahern’s unusual beauty.  More on the location, and an update from Ben, in this excellent interview with Dazed.


Close To The Ground is one of SAG’s more accessible songs, and a good start point for would-be new fans.  Sian’s voice sounds like a siren, guiding the listener through a slough of mutinous drums, innocent wind chimes and angry guitars reverberating with tender intensity.   It’s a beautiful drawl of a song, a love potion for the eternally lonely.  Judging by this video, the single release looks like being a couple of minutes shorter than the original version (the one below to download), shorn of its protracted intro, but retaining the existential, dreamy feel.

SAG have also announced a new London live date…

Live date
Sat 5 Sep – The Tabernacle, Notting Hill

Sian Alice Group on MySpace
Sian Alice Group’s website

Sian Alice Group – Close To The Ground (zSHARE)



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  1. here is links video download Alice Group/

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