Don’t Wait Animate remix The xx

Isn’t it amazing when a pair of your favourite acts unexpectedly hook up?  It’s like two of your best friends making a surprise announcement that they’ve been secretly dating for weeks, or when you find out that garlic and Nutella taste INCREDIBLE together.  In this instance the happy union comprises Don’t Wait Animate and The xx – DWA having remixed a new song by the trippy pop quartet.

Don’t get your laddered tights in a delighted twist just yet, though – this collaboration is currently only available in video form (released as a MySpace bulletin by Don’t Wait Animate) and lasts but a measly minute and 19 seconds.  Just when it’s hotting up, and you’re undoing that top button, capisch, it’s over, and silence fills the room, a cool wind blowing over your presumptiously-exposed neck…


I’ll let y’all know the moment a full version, or an MP3, becomes available.

Don’t Wait Animate on MySpace
The xx on MySpace


~ by ripamel on 13/08/2009.

One Response to “Don’t Wait Animate remix The xx”

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