Sian Alice Group, The xx, Bon Iver… there sure is a lot of downbeat introspectiveness on the iPhone of today’s trendy London scenesters.  There’s nothing wrong a little lo-fi of course, but every now and again these same glum hepcats may well feel the need to shout, smile, and hell, be silly for a little while.  They wouldn’t be alone, either: cheeriness is officially in vogue, and stupidity’s never been more a la mode.  Check out the facts: vintage clothes and fancy-dress nights are seeing a revival; trampolines haven’t sold as well in years; even bookings for Butlins are up 15%!  Having fun is so hip!  All of which suggests the time may be right for Jarmean?…

They claim to be “vaudeville anarchists from Babylon-don with an interesting line-up of tuba, ukulele, drums, horns, clarinet and vocals”.  They also claim to be the true definition of punk, although perhaps tongues are slightly in cheek.  Either way, what Jarmean? certainly are is a fearsomely chipper outfit who sound one part Carry On Cockney, and another Sex Pistols musical.  Their songs sound a bit fun and light-hearted – not to say that they’re of panto quality, but rather blessed with a lightness and sense of humour that’s refreshing in this era of recessions, swine flu and, yes, languid lo-fi pop. 

On Mind The Gap a trumpet trumps, a cheeky voice repeats the London Underground’s number one message and you feel simply obliged to do a ridiculous marching dance. Gin Riot sounds like a Pirates of Penzance fun, all kinds of brass making hay in the background as a gaggle of guys sing about “good times” and all sorts of gladness. And we all need a little gladness now and again.

Jarmean? on MySpace

Live date:
Fri 15 Aug – Barden’s Boudoir, Dalston

Jarmean? – Mind The Gap (zSHARE)


~ by ripamel on 13/08/2009.

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