While waxing lyrical about Bear Hands recently I omitted to mention that the excellent SWIMMInG were supporting them for the forthcoming show at The MacBeth.   No wonder it’s a Levi’s OnesToWatch night.

A five-piece from Nottingham, SWIMMInG are perpetrators of  cheery, but slightly ethereal pop, some songs boasting an indie element, and some much more inclined towards dance or dreaminess, such as the blissful Pacific Atlantic.  The constants are zealous melodies and a rather euphoric, soaring feel – one no doubt enhanced in the flesh by a few glasses of sauce.  

I’ve no idea about the significance of the lower case ‘N’ in their name, however – anyone got any idea?

Live date:
Thurs 3rd September – The Macbeth, Hoxton

SWIMMInG on MySpace
SWIMMInG’s website 

MP3: SWIMMInG – Pacific Atlantic (zSHARE)

~ by ripamel on 15/08/2009.

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  1. […] and eccentric arrangements, and yet sounds somehow vintage and old-fashioned; Nottingham-based SWIMMInG, meanwhile, come on more epic, their anthemic sound boasting a rather euphoric, sun-drunk […]

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