The Cribs – can I like them?

 I’ve never been much of a fan of The Cribs – they seem to hail from the mainstream, student-night world of which I’m a bit suspicious, and have always seemed a tad too polished for my slightly dishevelled tastes.

But my goodly friend and respected musical tipster Adrian has forever nagged at me to listen to Gary Jarman and co, and so recently I caved in, my collapse encouraged by the addition of Johnny Marr to the band’s line-up – he having apparently finished his tenure with Modest Mouse.

Marr’s heavily involved in The Cribs’ new album, Ignore The Ignorant, out on 7 September.  With first single We Were Aborted having besieged recent airwaves, the band have just released a video of the record’s second single, Cheat On Me:


So what do I think?  It still sounds a bit, well, produced, for my liking – in the sense that it seems so calculatedly catchy and radio-friendly, with choruses in the right places, a succinct 3½-minute length and nice, but not too complex, lyrics.  All of which means a pedestrian, unpredictable pop sensibility – dispiriting for me, someone who rather likes not knowing where a song’s going to go. 

That said, this is a thumping riproarer of a tune.  The primal, slightly burnt-out sound at the end of each chorus is delicious, as are the various levels through which the band climbs to reach those peak, like a car joyously clicking through the gears. Marr’s influence is plain for all to hear, too, not least during the closing grungey thud of guitars.  There’s much to like, then, and Adrian may just have a point after all…

The Cribs perform Cheat On Me live (dodgy recording from distant spot alert): 

The Cribs on MySpace
The Cribs’ website

MP3: The Cribs – We Were Aborted (zSHARE)
Cheat On Me’s not available as a free mp3 yet, but do check back in a week or so in case things change…

~ by ripamel on 20/08/2009.

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