Revere – that great rock sound

Revere are a London eight-piece being bigged up in a few quarters, with a date at the Relentless Garage to come.  They offer unspeakably intense rock epics, the type hated by cobwebs, and loved by Match of the Day.  At times it’s full-throttle instrumental stuff with a hint of Mogwai but actually much groggier and more classical, or operatic; at others there are booming vocals and thumping choruses reminiscent of White Lies or, further back, Mansun, and capable of blowing your earphones straight out.  In the midst of all this string-based hubbub there come occasional midsections lined with nothing but a gorgeous trumpet solo.  Anyway, if you like Revere you’ll probably love them, and if not, a certain amount of admiration should pour forth anyhow. 


Live date:
Sat 14 November – The Relentless Garage, Highbury (details and tickets here)

Revere on MySpace

MP3: Revere – The Escape Artist (zSHARE) (very kindly provided by the band)

~ by ripamel on 31/08/2009.

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