Maxsta – East London is Back

I don’t listen to a whole lot of grime or hip hop, but I do at least know when I’ve heard a bumping tune.  And East London is Back by Maxsta is surely that: it’s witty lyrics seem to paint a similarly comic picture of the capital’s outskirts as fellow London rapper Skinnyman, and a dubstep techno ripple over the top lends the track a wicked rhythm.  Most impressive is Maxsta’s delivery, though – he’s only 17, and yet he can already MC as well as the best of them, at least to my unexpert ears – including grime grandpa Dizzee Rascal, to whom inevitable comparisons must (unfortunately) be drawn. 


Maxsta’s currently recording his debut album; as such, he’s refusing to provide MP3s at present.  C’est la vie.  To listen to East London is Back, then, you could try his MySpace page, but strangely all that’s there is a radio version with a typically annoying BBC DJ blathering at either end (although there are some other great-sounding full-lengthers there – including the funky Our Brand and more soulful The Reason).  A better bet is the trusty Dazed’s August playlist – the buggers somehow seem to have snaffled a remastered, polished version of ELIB.   You’ll need the most recent version of Flash to hear it.

More news of Maxsta when I have it…

Maxsta on MySpace


~ by ripamel on 01/09/2009.

2 Responses to “Maxsta – East London is Back”

  1. he is the future of the uk urban scene

  2. […] with that Richard Marx LP? Here’s the answer… My art knowledge is as limited as my grasp on grime.  But again, I still feel like I know enough to make a recommendation – and here comes […]

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