What to do with that Richard Marx LP? Here’s the answer…

My art knowledge is as limited as my grasp on grime.  But again, I still feel like I know enough to make a recommendation – and here comes one. 

noise of art

But this is a music blog, you cry…  Ahah, yes ’tis, but as Helen Edwards, curator of the East End Arts Club, pointed out, her latest spectacle is musically-themed.  It’s called Noise of Art, and sees a variety of East London artists (some of repute, some unknown) create something wonderful from one or more pieces of vinyl.  It’s colourful, witty and wonderful, an escapist mini-world of retro rascals and their liberated long-players.


Most stick to the circular piece of black plastic, imposing an image on it, cuttings bits out, or playing with the sleeve.  But others get much more inventive – witness Stinky Lincoln’s Mixed Tape, a small-square mosaic referencing the digital, sample-happy state of the current music world.  Or Michael Cranston’s T-Rex Glam Period, chopping up a Bolan record and re-sculpting it as a small dinosaur.  But my favourite, by Daniel Edlen, was simpler: a Jimi Hendrix record with a silvery, thick-oil picture of the icon positioned on the left, suggesting (to me at least!) that Hendrix’s soul is instilled somewhere deep inside the 12″, shadowy but locatable if you devote enough countless, obsessive hours to listening to that gramophone.  Think yellowy Paris bedsits and plenty of glasses of gin.


On until 2o September, Noise of Art is a small self-contained exhibition, not too overwhelming but with enough depth to easily merit a village.  The East End Arts Club’s just off Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, a fabulous arty, zesty road in itself.  The artworks are for sale, but Helen’s just as happy for you to have an appreciative nose around. 

MP3: T-Rex – Cosmic Dancer (zSHARE)


~ by ripamel on 06/09/2009.

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