London music: A Mountain Of One

A Mountain of One’s music crosses so many genres it’s pointless trying to define it.  But as with all enigmas, they entrance and entice…


So much so that I’ll have a stab at describing two of their songs, anyway.  Lie Awake sounds very Pink Floyd-ish, with lavish orchestral backings and slightly distant, chanty vocals, before a sexy saxophone solo at the end brings to mind Ibiza chill-out or Nescafe adverts. In the middle there’s some fluttering electronica, apocalyptic guitar solos a la Gary Moore and mellow, escapist lyrics.   As for Bones, it’s much more slender, with a part-soul, part-experimental feel. Electronic ripples and macho string work again make cameos, with the overall frazzled feel beautifully described by Rough Trade: “like JJ Cale wandering around Glastonbury at 5am”. 

The work of London lads Mo Morris and Zeben Jameson, these are songs for quiet moments: lying in a park at night staring at the stars; a quiet holiday villa in an undiscovered European paradise; long train rides through pretty countryside, in empty carriages where you dare to put your feet on the seat.  For someone like me, who adores walking through London’s many villages and vistas with an iPod in tow, it’s the perfect trainer-tapping fuel.

Live date:
Sat 7 November – Scala, King’s Cross (tickets here)

A Mountain of One on MySpace (a seriously annoying page)

MP3: A Mountain of One – Bones (zSHARE)

~ by ripamel on 30/09/2009.

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