Live in London – Girls

With a London show swift approaching, San Francisco quartet Girls (three men, one girl) are an act well worth investigating.  Dripping of 70s rock and the dankest blues, and shaped around teenage-angst lyrics, their mellow rock is often downbeat, sometimes angry, but always easy on the ear.


Solitude starts off like the kind of slow, school disco song every hellraising 70s rock outfit came out with once – think an echoey sound and particularly winsome lyrics.  From there it slowly morphs into a  smoky, folky ballad, complete with a harmonica and an ever-tinkling bass guitar. Hellhole Ratrace is striking for its quiet, meanwhile, as much as cutesy couplets like “I dont wanna cryyy my whole life through / I just wanna do some maths for two”.  On and on it trippily goes, simple as a builder’s caff, yet blissful as looking into a lover’s eyes. Think of the delicious guilt that comes with a day in your pajamas and you’re somewhere near the indolence this regal song provokes.

It’s not all gentleness though: Lust For Life is shorter, faster and louder, although still just as mellow as the above numbers.  Between the vocals, the harmonica reappears, drums clang, guitars twang and the temptation to close your eyes and sway your head is irresistible.  Big Bad Mother Fucker is truly a step up tempo, however.  It has much more feedback and the odd high-pitched howl; that, and thrashing guitars and a real beer-swilling grunt. 

Live date:
Tues 20 October – Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, Shoreditch

Girls on MySpace

MP3: Girls – Hellhole Ratrace (zSHARE)
MP3: Girls – Lust For Live (zSHARE)

Buy Girls’ album Music here.


~ by ripamel on 01/10/2009.

One Response to “Live in London – Girls”

  1. This gig looks good I’m going!

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