Washed Out

Ever since The Guardian’s Tim Jonze tipped me off about Washed Out – who hails from Georgia (state not country) but is now based in California – my life has had a new option.  Click the right buttons on my laptop and the aural equivalent of a paradise beach villa awaits: a secluded, trouble-free place of beach barbecues, fruity cocktails on the veranda and romantic strolls as the sun sets.


Aptly called a ‘bedroom boffin’ (these are the one-man bands of the 21st century) by Jonze, Ernest Greene’s songs float somewhere between ambient chill-out and hazy lemonade pop.  Some, such as Belong, are rockier and full of choruses you can chant along with; others including New Theory and Feel It All Around have jazz, r’n’b, Balearic and even elevator music influences or samples.  In You’ll See It, behind the lo-fi sheen I can even hear traces of dancier 80s and 90s bands like the Stone Roses or Erasure.  Elsewhere there’s a neon-sponsored splash of electro, or a slice of Latino rhythm. All of the tunes have one common element, though: each provides the sort of woozy, contended feel normally associated with things like hammocks, siestas and starlit skies.  All of which are present and correct at my imaginary villa.

Washed Out on MySpace
Washed Out’s blog

MP3: Washed Out – Feel It All Around (zSHARE)
MP3: Washed Out – You’ll See It (zSHARE)


~ by ripamel on 05/10/2009.

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