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One thing about music blogs is that you hear a lot about the music, and little about the music blog.  To remedy that, and just because it seems like a decent idea, here’s an update on how this particular blog is going:

I’ve spent much of today finally pulling together a Links page – it’s over there on the right.  The rest of the afternoon involved me trying to work out how to get a plug-in music player on this site.  And failing.  See, because this is a free WordPress blog, such things are simply not possible, unless you’re incredibly a) clever, b) sneaky and c) techie.  I only score 1/3.  So for the same reason that I can’t have mp3s actually on the site, nor video, I’m prohibited from having a plug-in player, allowing you to listen to what I think is currently ace.

The very obvious solution to this is to start paying for a site.  And I think I will do that – I need to sit down with a more tech-minded friend of mine for some help in doing that, and transferring content and pages across as seamlessly as possible, but it should hopefully happen inside the month.   Once accomplished, hopefully this blog can kick on and become much more energised.

Why didn’t I do that in the first place?  Well, mainly because I have a history of starting projects, and then abandoning them.  I was determined not to do that with this blog, but didn’t quite trust my determination enough to stump up money right away.  I do now; I’m pleased with how the blog has progressed, and confident I can keep steadily improving it.  Right now it averages about 1,000 unique visitors a week, not too bad after four months and some change.


As for me, I’m sickeningly busy – besides this I work a 9-5.30 day job in PR, write film reviews, do some freelance journalism, work in a nature park and play football.  All of which leaves not-nearly-enough time for this blog and all it entails – trawling the web, listening carefully to hundreds of tracks, signing up to millions of newsletters, and on and on… That’s why I sometimes go quiet for a few days, and why I’m not too hot with correspondence.  All that said, I am happy – I have an amazing girlfriend, for the first time in my life really, and I have two legs, eyes and ears.  Sometimes I forget that stuff, and how lucky I am to have them in London.

If anyone has any wisdom, complaints or simply words of support/disgust, please do write in – for a blogger, there’s nothing better than hearing from people reading your stuff.   Otherwise,  I hope everyone reading this is well – and sincere thanks for coming to the site.  On we go…

PS:  I’ve received the new Vampire Weekend single – it seems alternately frillier and fuller than previous VW fare, and generally makes me feel all warm and wintry.  Until I find out about Horchata, that is.  As the lyrics suggest, it is a drink, but in no way is it Christmassy or anysuch: in fact the Spanish tipple is best served cold in summer.  It’s made from barley, almonds, rice and sesame seeds.  Ew?  Ew.  Who says I couldn’t write a cookery blog?  (Thanks Wikipedia)

MP3: Vampire Weekend – Horchata (zSHARE)

Vampire Weekend on MySpace
Vampire Weekend’s second album, Contra, from 11 January at their website.



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One Response to “Some Of It Was True! – where we’re at…”

  1. Hi Richard,

    Firstly really love the blog – Adrian VC introduced me to it, and I see he’s sent you a link to mine… really glad you like it! We seem to be doing similar things, but you are way further down the road than me.

    I started out with a paid for host and URL so I wouldn’t have to go through the changeover you’re planning, but I use Bluehost and would really recommend them – I think you can even import a full WordPress site automatically, so you don’t have to transfer too much content over. For unlimited hosting and download/upload bandwidth, it’s about £130 for two years…

    I’d also recommend the plug in WPaudio for in-line MP3 players – It took me ages to find a really simple one that doesn’t look horrible, but that one’s pretty good.

    Oh, and thanks for the Washed Out post – I read a Guardian thing about them a while back but hadn’t heard them until I found that… really like them

    Good luck with the changes, and keep up the good work!


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