Charlotte Gainsbourg releases title track from Beck-produced album

The majestic La Gainsbourg has made the title track from her forthcoming, Beck-produced album IRM available on the internet.  At 2:38, it’s fast and flippant, but still there are enough clues to make assumptions about the new album – a moody, electronic haze, with intense loops; wacky, puzzling lyrics; and a rather itinerant feel, complete with sudden ending, that strong contradicts the rounded pretty ditties of previous Gainsbourg fare.  That was pretty and fragile; this is malevolent, acid indie with a filthy attitude.  You can well sense the Beck effect, but I don’t think that makes the eventual record (now due out 25 January) any less intriguing. 


Some almost useless trivia: apparently Beck’s father, David Campbell, was one of the musicians employed by Charlotte’s producer.  Thanks to Battery In Your Leg for that one.

Update 01/11: I’ve also now got a great electronica remix of this track by Diskjokke – available below. 

Charlotte Gainsbourg on MySpace

MP3: Charlotte Gainsbourg – IRM (zSHARE)
MP3: Charlotte Gainsbourg – IRM (Diskjokke remix) (zSHARE)



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