London Live Dates – Mayer Hawthorne, Django Django, Soap&Skin and more…

Time for another run-through of upcoming London live dates worth a peek.  The amount of tempting gigs in the coming weeks and months is positively bountiful; each offering diversion and delight for the soul in this season of sunsets, Starbucks sessions and X-Factor.  

Aforementioned on this blog for a delectable Noah & The Whale remix, YACHT (the A is meant to be a triangle, but I’m in a hurry – thought I’d tell you for future reference, though) also put out some triumphant bum-wigglers, with fast beats and a firm ethos of fun and more fun.  Comprising Mr Jona Bechtolt and Ms Claire L. Evans, YACHT hail from Middle America and lace their electro pop with wacky samples, lyrical simplicity and, occasionally, delicious disco naffness.  They remind me of the evil, cool girl at school; you sort of resented her, but gee wouldn’t it have been good to be her friend?
Tues 13 October – Madame Jojo’s, Soho (tickets here)
YACHT on MySpace
MP3: YACHT – Psychic City (Voodoo City) (zSHARE)

After getting a little hype earlier in 2009, all’s gone a little quiet for the Austrian-born, Nico-covering Soap&Skin, aka 19-year-old Anja Plaschg.  It shouldn’t be; despite setting up tent in the very-popular ‘hauntingly beautiful’ field, and providing the mandatory soul-baring lyrics and indie chic, S&S has a becoming freshness to her frankness. Combining names like Greek Gods or words from a child’s make-believe language (Thanatos, Spiracle) and a healthy dose of Kate Bush-style chants, these are less songs than fickle, foxglove-laced cries for help. 
Tues 20 October – Purcell Room, South Bank Centre, Waterloo (details and tickets here)
Soap&Skin on MySpace
MP3: Soap&Skin – Spiracle (zSHARE)


Kurran & the Wolfnotes
This is part of a co-headline tour with the much less subtle Ex-Lovers for these London folksters, fronted and shaped by the hirsute Kurran.  I say folksters, but there’s also a real pop, fun element here; a lightness extremely rare in this doldrum-dwelling genre.  Listen out for Four Limbs and particularly new single Whatabitch; both combine pretty lyrics with a chirpy rhythm.  (Sidenote: can any sentence be more orally satisfying than “What A Bitch”?   Actually, yes apparently – this one…)
Thurs 22 October – Borderline, Soho
Kurran & the Wolfnotes on MySpace
MP3: Kurran & the Wolfnotes – Four Limbs (zSHARE)

Mayer Hawthorne
Looking like Mark Ronson but sounding like Aretha Franklin, 29-year-old Mayer belongs to the ‘I can’t believe that wasn’t recorded in the 70s’ set.  His delicate, drawling soul is almost Depression-era, in fact, full of seductive brass and percussion and jazz club languor. Background vocalists purr perfectly, and suddenly you feel everyone ought to be in sharp suits and velvet frocks.  Detroit-hailing, Hawthorne’s smoothness also makes him ripe for a remix, and guess who’s already filled his boots?  Marky Ronson, of course…
Tues 27 October – The Queen of Hoxton, Shoreditch (tickets here)
Mayer Hawthorne on MySpace
MP3: Mayer Hawthorne – I Wish It Would Rain (zSHARE)


Django Django
As The Guardian’s Paul Lester explains (note the hilarious press release quotes), defining Django Django, they of the cool-as-fuck streets of Dalston in East London, is no sinch.  But here goes: Skies Over Cairo sounds like a marching-beat on acid, or a funfair gone wrong; Storm’s more moddish, its vocals sung with a hint of disdain and its guitars howlin’ along like 70s blues; Love’s Dart is a drowsy sundowner with a clip-clop echo and Brothers Grimm lyrics;  Zummzumm has – oh sod it, just go and see them.
Fri 30 October  – The Victoria, Mile End (DD are headling a Shattered Satellite night – tickets here)
Django Django on MySpace
MP3: Django Django – Storm (zSHARE)


Ou Est Le Swimming Pool?
After I was rather mean about OELSP?’s faux French name, one of the band wrote me the nicest note: “Nice blog man. Thanks for writing about us. I thought we were in for a the grilling of our lives at the beginning there!!!” How cool and rather lovely is that?  I wish I could be so mature and glass-half-full.  Anyway, in no way because of this amazingness, I’ve come to like OELSP? a bit more in recent weeks – particularly the bold, big-beat and infectious electro-pop goodness of Dance The Way I Feel, which recently got the tub-thumping Armand Van Helden remix treatment.
Fri 30 October – Proud Galleries, Camden (with Amanda Blank and We Have Band) (tickets here)
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool? on MySpace
MP3: Ou Est Le Swimming Pool? – Dance The Way I Feel (Armand Van Helden remix) (zSHARE) (original available via previous post)

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  1. […] else of this sixpiece, they of the liquor-themed name and forthcoming slot supporting Django Django, their fellow Hackneyites?  Well,  not a lot.  Céline is the only song on the MySpace page, […]

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