Editors release album through Google Street View

This is pretty cool – Editors have embedded images and tracks on Google Street View to promote their latest album, In This Light And On This Evening, released this Monday past.  Click here to share in the fun.

Editors street view

Basically, if you access Street View through the band’s website, you can go on a virtual treasure hunt through sections of London. You have to scroll around and hunt for icons (an orange chevron, as in the screengrab above) that will (if you click on them) display a 360-degree picture of Editors and some fans in various night-time tableaux, and stream songs from the album meanwhile.  The record was apparently inspired by late-night London, and the scenes thus provide meaning for each song. 

Editors street view 2

It’s an excellent, innovative idea, and one that made me listen again to a band I’d cooled on.  Editors seem much more synthy and stripped down these days, and the music does indeed have a noctural, noirish quality. 

Editors on MySpace
Editors’ website

MP3: Editors – Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool (zSHARE)
Buy Editor’s In This Light And On This Evening here (Amazon).

~ by ripamel on 15/10/2009.

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