Cabezón Key

Hailing from Caracas (the capital of Venezuela, dontcha know) but now based in London, Cabezón Key are ostensibly providers of an typically rhythmic Latin rock.  That is, a rhythmic Latin rock enhanced with bouncy dub beats, deep bassy grooves and whining vocals. 


Sometimes Cabezón Key’s sound is stark and primal, syrupy thick and drum-powered; at others the softest guitars float slowly into a long, murmurous jam, particularly the amazing Amor, on which the feel is of a dusty cantina populated by snoozing mestizos and rickety wooden tables.  Lord knows how that translates to dapper London joints, but I’d suspect intimate, atmospheric venues like Cafe 1001 or Shunt (where they recently performed) would suit better than large stages with noisy crowds. 

I’ll keep an eye out for future London live dates for Cabezón Key.

Cabezón Key on MySpace

MP3: None available as yet, but I’ll ask Cabezón Key if they’ll supply one, so definitely check back.
Buy Cabezón Key’s music on iTunes here.



~ by ripamel on 22/10/2009.

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