New London music – The Rifle Volunteer

Ahhh – with the nights truly drawing in, chill winds blowing, pumpkins being sculpted and fireworks starting to decorate the London skies, it’s definitely the season for some warm, wholesome musical nourishment.  And here, right on cue, are The Rifle Volunteer.  Based in Islington, their rich, lustrous songs are perfect for evenings under the blanket in candlelit rooms, a mug of tea close by and a half-written love letter freshly abandoned, never to be finished.  With two guitars and a bass lending powerful prangs and keys plugging the gaps, this is a sombre rock sound: equally understated and epic.   Right now, with moods darkening as quickly as days, such sonic Xanax is precisely what’s needed.


If you are tough enough to brave the chill winds and leaf showers, The Rifle Volunteer are launching debut single End Season with a show at the Boogaloo next month.  A date at the Relentless Garage follows in December.

Live dates:
Thurs 19 November – The Boogaloo, Highgate (Facebook event page here)
Tues 15 December – The Relentless Garage, Highbury

The Rifle Volunteer on MySpace

MP3: The Rifle Volunteer – With Footsteps (zSHARE) – kindly provided by the band, thanks guys!
Buy End Season here.

~ by ripamel on 27/10/2009.

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