Deptford’s finest – Tapetheradio and Officer Kicks

Deptford was famously tipped last year by a New York Times and Guardian travel writer to be London’s most happ’ning area.  It also has a depth of bloggers and some trendy-wendy bars.  And now it has what every up-and-coming enclave needs: a decent musical scene…

The new kids on the block.  An unsigned trio,  Tapetheradio peddle a full-blooded, gentlemanly kinda rock, full of majestic riffs, burly basswork and passionately-bayed choruses.  There’s something very elegant about the stuff – not especially unusual or beguiling, nor with very complex lyrics, but immediately soothing on the old ear.  With a support slot with Athlete booked and four very solid songs on a sparse MySpace page, playlist duty for Absolute Radio awaits like a insatiable congestion charge.

Live dates: Fri 30 October – Riverside Studios, Hammersmith; Mon 2 November – The Fly, St Giles
Tapetheradio on MySpace
MP3: Tapetheradio – Save A Life (Artwork remix) (zSHARE) (all I could find, but quite good)
Buy: Tapetheradio’s Save A Life here.


Faster, giddier and gladder than TTR, Officer Kicks are a few waves ahead of their fellow Depters by virtue of Bestival shows, Q Magazine acclaim, a record label being bagged and a play of that most laddish of programmes, Soccer A.M.  It’s appropriate: theirs is a shouty, scurrilous rawk sound, bristling punk sensibility and an “us & them” mentality. Guitars whine and drums throw flashy tantrums; such mayhem feels a mite predictable to my fussy noise-receivers, but I’m certain many will like it…

Live date: Thurs 26 November – The Monarch, Camden
Officer Kicks on MySpace
MP3: Officer Kicks – Automatic (zSHARE)  removed on request
Buy: Officer Kicks’ Six Grand Plot here.


~ by ripamel on 28/10/2009.

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