The Boy Least Likely To

Here’s a rare piece of gentle ambience from the northern wilds of the UK, an area more renowned for grandiose/grumpy/grandiose-and-grumpy rock rousers.  Comprising Peter and Jof, The Boy Least Likely To sing about pajamas, porches, balloons, lemonade and Spiderman in fey, enchantingly childish ditties about mundane episodes.  Jof’s playful vocals float over a background of woodwind, Peter’s folksy guitar and tootling electronica reminiscent of CBBC shows – those about robots and talking trains, rather than papier maché volcanoes. 

I suspect the daintiness has a sell-by limit, whereafter it becomes intensely irritating, but for now, for me, it’s joy unconfined at the mo.  EVERYBODY TOGETHER: I’m glad I hitched my apple wagon to your starrrr……. (tra la la)


As comments on the MySpace page rightly observe, there’s something very anorak-like and Bell & Sebastian-esque about all this.

The Boy Least Likely To on MySpace The Boy Least Likely To – A Balloon On A Broken String (zSHARE)
Buy The Boy Least Likely To’s music here.



~ by ripamel on 28/10/2009.

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