London’s Halloween alternativa: Manor House warehouse parties

Halloween seems to become a bigger deal with each 12 months that goes by in London.  This year there are so many balls, raves, parties and promotions that you’ll do well to move without elbowing a fellow ghoul or knocking over a zombie’s zombie.  All well and good – or evil – but the real scare is unwanted: the cost of these nights tends to be truly devilish.

Here’s a very cool alternative: the return of the little-known Manor House Warehouse Party (become a fan to guarantee entry).  Hosted by three trendies who live above a warehouse space on a back road off a back road off a back road off Seven Sisters Road, these combine a house party vibe with live bands and intermittent DJing, the crowd often spilling outside onto the wide, faceless street. The parties cost a piffling £3 and are populated by the most scenic scenesters. 

For this latest edition, Halloween costume is optional.  Drinks are available, but the best advice is to bring your own.  One final word to the unwise/undead: the parties tend to get VERY hot, so dress light.

Succeeding cocknbullkid as this weekend’s headline act are the excellent Fenech-Soler, providers of exciting electronica-pop.  The vocals (occasionally Coldplay-esque – good spot by The Music Ninja) blur high and low, male and female, and the pace veers between come-down, and GET UP!!!.  It’s a lot synthy, a bit indie, somewhat bedroomy and very warehouse-y. (17 Overbury Road,


Incredibly, given Overbury Road is scarcely 100m long and filled with around a dozen buildings, there are other parties there on Saturday.  The even-less-frequent Spatchcock nights return for another installment; I’m not sure about entry costs, but again drink is cheap.  Halloween cossies are essential this time, though.  Performers include Astrohenge and The Exploits of Elaine. (21 Overbury Road,

I’ve no idea about the other parties, but they won’t be hard to find if you’re there anyway.  I really recommend going – filled with pretentious pricks these warehouse parties may be, but they nonetheless offer a very distinct Saturday night option.  And I defy you to feel elated at seeing a quiet suburban backwater be suddenly filled with vampish youths.

MP3: Fenech-Soler – The Cult of Romance (zSHARE)


~ by ripamel on 30/10/2009.

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