Memory Tapes has me Foaming – plus some cool cover art

If I needed any confirmation, I’m now certain that I love Memory Tapes.  Why, you cry?  Well, because he has taken a song I didn’t get along with and remixed it into a banging monster that I want to run away from home with, preferably to a decrepit, seedy city full of wicked cars and fast women, or something like that.  The initial tune – which is Foaming, by London’s Primary 1, a provider of avant-garde producer-pop – is a bit too crowded and chaotic for me.  But, with Mr Tapes installed as stepfather, it becomes a sparkly road-trip of a song, blessed with now-faded vocals, maverick keys and strings, and spritely electro beats.


One thing I definitely do like about Primary 1’s version of Foaming is this: release of it (including Memory Tapes’ remix) will be limited to 100 red 7″ vinyl copies (available exclusively from today at Rough Trade East and West.), each of which has – get this – a distinct sleeve, all individually painted by skateboarder/producer/painter Teebs, he of LA’s Flying Lotus /Brainfeeder collective.  How cool is that?  Sample covers above and below.

Primary 1 on MySpace
Memory Tapes on MySpace
Teebs on MySpace
More on Primary 1 at Dummy Mag.

Primary1 – Foaming (demo) (zSHARE)
MP3: Primary1 – Foaming (Memory Tapes remix) (zSHARE)



~ by ripamel on 02/11/2009.

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