New Yeasayer & Solid Gold tracks

I’m trying to keep this blog focused on London acts, or acts playing in London.  But that ploy crumbles in the face of new tunes from Yeasayer and Solid Gold – two of my absolute favourite current acts.  Both have released songs that suggest their respective sounds are travelling in harder, fuller directions, while retaining the elements that make them great…


The first track from the Brooklyn band’s imminent second album,Ambling Alp is more obvious than some of Yeasayer‘s previous efforts thanks to a near-constant chorus and very dancey keyboards.  But it still got a great rhythm, wacky and innovative sounds, prominent vocals from Chris Keating and that Yeasayer USP: a myriad, muddied structure, via various phases and moods.  There’s also a bit of the high-pitched “everyone sings” sections beloved of Yeasayer songs.  OH – and a typically brill Memory Tapes remix, also available below.

Minneapolis’ Solid Gold haven’t quite caught on with the masses yet, despite much hype in 2008, and their being purveyors of the most elegant chill-out pop imaginable.  While Matter Of Time, an exclusive label track in advance of their own second album, comes with a little less whimsy, and a little more grunt.  Where songs like Get Over It were very keyboard-led, this gives more prominence to Matt Locher’s bass, with additional interventions by a guitar so smooth it sounds like a trumpet, and some still-lingering drizzles of electronica.  The vocals remain just as wispy, thankfully.


Yeasayer – MySpace / website
Solid Gold – MySpace / label page

MP3: Yeasayer – Ambling Alp (zSHARE)
MP3: Yeasayer – Ambling Alp (Memory Tapes remix) (zSHARE)
MP3: Solid Gold – Matter of Time (zSHARE)

~ by ripamel on 02/11/2009.

One Response to “New Yeasayer & Solid Gold tracks”

  1. New Solid Gold, sounds good. Sounds a little bit like Empire of the Sun. Is that lazy of me to say?

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