Zero de Conduite – & some great new London bands


This coming Friday 13th there’s a scarily good-sounding night going on in – where else? – Hackney Wick.  Zero de Conduite promises to be a witches’ cauldron of live art, DJs and short film screenings, and also bands.  These include the ruddy marvellous Men of Good Fortune, and a coupla other great sounds:

Men of Good Fortune
Slightly fuzzy and lo-fi, slightly chanty and slightly murmurous – a la Los Campesinos – this is the music of young lovers, of youthful ragamuffins staggering around London with bleary eyes, of falling asleep drunkenly on London Fields, of music and cigarettes and empty, endless Sundays and happy memories.  As you might expect with members of Iron Flag and Alpha Beta aboard, it’s all very solemn and cool: tales of muddy boy-girl encounters often simply spoken over a clanging bass, with occasional chaos and moments of more intensity.
Men of Good Fortune on MySpace

The Home Office
It doesn’t much more fun.  Comprising the alluring Dr No (a woman) and German Peter Von, The Home Office produce high-octane dance pop that they describe as “Dietrich sings electro, playing electric guitars in lederhosen, a tutu and de havilland wedges”.  That pretty much nails it: pounding, irresistible Eurotrashery that’s the sworn enemy of glum corner-slinkers across East London.  Expect costumes, capers and kinkiness galore.
The Home Office on MySpace

Douce Angoisse
Similarly outgoing and exotique, Douce (described as a French electro pop siren’ by Zero de Conduite’s promoters) sings in rapid Gallic tones and pregnant sighs as elastic beats and evil feedback unfolds all around her.  Things gradually get messier and messier the longer a song goes, like a fucked-up techno scout camp where Arkela’s been gagged inside his tent and a mushroom factory’s been discovered next door.  Tres bien, tres bien.   
Dousse Angoisse on MySpace


MP3: Men of Good Fortune – Daddy (zSHARE)
As you can see, Men of Good Fortune have very kindly provided an MP3; I’ve asked Bouce, and will ask The Home Office if they’ll provide such similar goodness to get us all through the winter…

~ by ripamel on 12/11/2009.

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