New London music – them:youth

You know that feeling when you’re impossibly happy and you want to scream or yell or dance manically or jump up and down or just run as fast as you can?  Sudden, uncontainable euphoria?  The music of them:youth, a London fivepiece I’m really excited by, gives me that feeling.  It’s epic and fiercely melodic: in some cases maudlin  (Get Home Safely), in others balladeering (Stardust) and sometimes (Halo) just belting anthems with a dance fetish.  There’s the most velvety of bass sounds, and the lyrics are rather pretty and twee.  Gosh, it’s good stuff.


If you like Halo, you should also love the brilliant SkiBunny remix – it holds back the explosive chorus so long that you’re positively on your knees begging for it.

Live dates:
Thurs 26 November – Punk, Soho (guestlist & tables here)
Sun 6 December – The Watershed, Wimbledon (tickets here)

MP3: them:youth – Hal0
Buy all of them:youth’s music here.
them:youth’s Facebook / blog.


~ by ripamel on 15/11/2009.

5 Responses to “New London music – them:youth”

  1. I listened to Halo, it is just awesome!!! Thank you for the discovery.

  2. Hi,
    Sis here. The links to the songs don’t work. You built up all the anticipation then I couldn’t listen to them. Boo! Liking the blog though.

  3. Further to last comment, if you are not paying attention when you download click on the Zshare link, it installs something called SearchQU and something else called iLivid on your computer. SearchQu then appears as a toolbar on your browser and opens its own web search page as your home page every time you open the browser, and won’t let itself be uninstalled. I have spent an hour so far trying to get rid of it, including diabling and deleting the toolbars, removing the programs and cleaning up the registry, so far all to no avail. It might be worth a caveat in front of the links to Zshare on your site. It’s my fault, I should have been paying more attention, but it’s a real pain and will probably catch other people out too.

    • Okay, I’ve updated the main link, and the zShare one is gone now. zShare used to be decent, but evidently not now. There’s going to be a few links like this on this, the old version of my blog, I’m afraid. (New version is

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