New London music – Showbizheroes

Showbizheroes, a newly-established (I think) London quartet,  are well worth a listen.  A sort of soaring, rocked-out powerpop, full of climbing vocals and careering guitar cacophonies, their music is epic and yet rather svelte and polished, as if they’ve been at it for years and Mark Ronson is their producer.  Listen to the preppy intro and reverb-happy strings in This Is How It Feels (To Be Wrong), Sinner’s choppy riffs or the languid, luscious pop sensibility of Maybe She’s An Angel.   Good songs, aren’t they?  This is a band who clearly know the ingredients of a catchy tune.

Even better, you can download The Periodic Table, Showbizheroes’ debut EP, for free simply by joining their mailing list, here.  Or listen to the tunes below…

Showbizheroes on MySpace
Showbizheroes – This Is How It Feels (To Be Wrong) (zSHARE)
MP3: Showbizheroes – Maybe She’s An Angel (zSHARE)

~ by ripamel on 18/11/2009.

2 Responses to “New London music – Showbizheroes”

  1. Came across these guys @ 93 Feet East in London a few weeks back. There wasn’t that many people watching though (far more than the other acts act had mind). They completely rocked the place, I suspect they won’t be playing to these sorts of crowds for long! Well worth checking out!

    • I love that feeling of stumbling across a live band in the flesh. It’s all very well doing it on MySpace, but a) you don’t know if they’re much cop live, which is crucial, and b) happening on an act when you see them perform feels more… authentic? It feels a bit like being a talent scout, and finding your next big thing.

      Anyway, it’ll be fascinating to see how Showbizheroes do – I suspect very well, but music’s a funny old business after all. Thanks for the comment! R.

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