Bad laptop, bad

Last night, my laptop decided that it preferred the floor to the table on which I’d rested it, and took the quickest route down there without asking for permission.  The consequence of this daredevil stunt is that its screen is, to use a technical term, well and truly fucked, and thus I’ll be out of action for 2 weeks and a hefty chunk of sterling worse off.  (No matter – living in London is famously, er, cheap after all.)

More to the point, this blog might be rather un-regularly updated for the next fortnight.  Please bear with me and feel free to call HP and ask for an update on my repair – I’m sure they’ll appreciate that.  The number is 01925 260060 and my reference number is 682923.

Not that I’ve got sour grapes in my mouth…

MP3: Wild Beasts – We Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tongues (zSHARE)


~ by ripamel on 20/11/2009.

One Response to “Bad laptop, bad”

  1. Your laptop deserves a slap. I’m going to try and like the Wild Beasts. I just don’t like his voice, it really bugs me. Nevertheless I will try.

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