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If you have any problem with my words, want me to take down a track, or if you have a band/artist/song/scene/night you would like me to blog about, please contact me via email.  MP3s are welcome, as are bribes, but viruses less so.  Thanks.

If you want to friend-request me on MySpace to have something reviewed (in time), my page is


3 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. I really enjoyed your blog about Don’t Wait Animate & Strumstep 😀

  2. Hi,
    REB became Barefoot Confessor when Ed the bassist left for Oz, still played up until Aug this year but only their new songs. We were Blissfields Records, and still Blissfields Festival which the boys have played at every year. Have to say I agree REB are sadly missed, as now are Barefoot Confessor! 😦 Both great bands!
    I’ve let James and Micheal from the band know about your blog.

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