Links To Other Blogs & Sites

These are some blogs and websites I thoroughly recommend:

Elbows – cool and diverse.  A playlist of the interweb’s hottest tracks sits on the right middle.
Hype Machine – a bit more mainstream but equally comprehensive.  Click on ‘popular’ for what’s achingly hip.

Nialler9 – a treasure trove of international indie, electronica, dubstep, hip… oh, basically anything cool, with some local Irish talent thrown in for good measure.  The music blog to which all others should aspire.
MFR – one of Minneapolis’ many great blogs, this rudely-named delight pledges to cover ‘popular unpopular music’, and is always on the ball.
Gorilla vs Bear – especially good for uncovering genuinely new music.  Just when I think I’ve stumbled on a great new band, I find GVB covered them two years ago
Awesome Tapes From Africa – a legendary site that single-handedly made me love African music.  Uploads old LPs of everything from Senegalese rap to Congolese metal.   Analog Africa also does a similarly wondrous public service.
Fluxblog – the very first mp3 blog, started (dizzingly) in 2002. Matthew Perpetua’s site is still as cool as it is easy to navigate.
The Catbirdseat – an excellent news-and-views blog, full of new bands, mixtapes and charts of this and that.
Said The Gramophone – another oldie, this time launched in 2003. If you like concise, pithy descrips of songs, head elsewhere.  If you like lyrical, flowery and often beautiful descriptions of an audioscape, this’ll be heaven.
Pigeons & Planes – much-more dance and hip hop-focused, and very good at it too.
Pretty Much Amazing – very brash, very American, very mainstream – and well worth a peek.  A site that knows what’s on the radio before the radio does.
Rollo & Grady – a constant helter-skelter of breaking new bands (nearly always good) and LA-based interviews.  How do they do it?  No-one knows…
FluoKids – the very hippest of the French blogs, and one with a penchant for sexy pictures.  Dance music is dominant here.  As at La Blogotheque.
Neon Gold – record-label blogs ought to be surfed carefully, but this one is hilariously well-written and on the pulse.

Transparent – a fanzine turned to about the best London blog, with DJ nights and a record label for good measure, sating those who like their sounds weird, dishevelled and served with custard. 
The Daily Growl – a very similarly-minded blog to yours truly (oh yes – I’m a speaking blog.  You didn’t know that?)  but perhaps slightly more focused on rock, indie, alternative etc than my weirdsville, directionless likes.  Run by a mystery person who attends a lot of gigs (yes, I am jealous).
shotwithsound – a terrific and very inventive London blog where photographer Nic Stevenson talks about music (often, but not always, ambient strains of rock) he likes while matching it up with beautiful snaps he has taken.  Effortlessly cool, beautiful and diverting.
Anika in London – Anika is eight years younger than me, and eight times better at blogging.  It’s depressing, frankly.  Oh, and she can draw, which I can’t.  A great blog with a possibly folksy bent.
Fried My Little Brain – disco, dubstep and dance galore at this excellent London resource.
Slutty Fringe – more electronica here, and a chance to find some fabulous DJs.  How do people get this cool?  Is there a course I can take…?
There Goes The Fear – a very consistent, well-written Manchester-based site concentrating on indie and rock.
sniTch Land – the home of the Snitch DJs, a devilish deck-spinning turntable twosome who’ll play anywhere and everywhere – and have fine taste in offering presents to your ear. 
Audioscrawl – a very much dance-focused London site, updated reasonably regularly.
Exitfare – a London music blog with a taste for the esoteric, but one not often updated.
Tracks From The Stack – another London-based site, this time catering to rock and dance, but again intermittent at best.

For Folk’s Sake – a London-based site centred on – this could possibly not be surprising – although you never know – folk.  Was that surprising?  Hmm.  The site’s brilliant, though, so stop complaining and go check it out.
Bandstand Busking – the home of this brilliant initiative, cajoling up-and-coming bands to brave pigeon poo and play some of London’s ornate and ill-appreciated bandstands.  You’ve a real chance of seeing upcoming talent – Of Montreal, Wild Beasts and Speech Debelle have all performed for BB.
Gigwise – independently-run London-based site which has reviews and gig listings, but is best known for its excellent news pages.
Guardian Music – no other UK newspaper comes close to being as musically vogue.  Go here for well-written articles so trendsetting that bloggers use them, not the other way round.  The blog is particularly recommended.
Pitchfork – an influential indie music site with reviews and features.  Especiallty famed for breaking new bands.
Drowned In Sound – much like Gigwise, but bigger and more widely-read.  Yet somehow it lacks the same warmth.
NME – love it or hate it, NME gets exclusives, gives free downloads and shapes people’s iPods. 
MBV – news compilation using five blogs, including the above-mentioned Said The Gramophone and The Catbirdseat.

Londonist – news, events, opinions, features, and all with a slightly indie slant.  A brilliant site for leftfield Londoners.
Transpontine – fucking brilliant.  That’s the only appropriate way to describe this veteran SE London blog.  It’s a dangerous minefield down there, and you need advice on how to avoid the wanky Claphamites and Peckham pikeys.  It’s right here – cool as you like.
Urban Junkies – if it’s luxurious, cool or both in London, UJ will know about it.
Respectacle – a self-described ‘satiricool’ zine, poking fun at the establishment, our cultural icons and, generally, anyone Will Benn and co can think of.  The best part is that, with hindsight – cue utterly shameful blog-plug-hyperlink-crime – Some Of It Was True!
Pocket London – the tiny guidebooks’ London blog, a useful resource.
Time Out London –  like you need me to explain that one.

Dazed – the online portal of Dazed & Confused magazine, full of design, architecture, culture, cinema and music.

Websites come and go, particularly in the case of blogs.  There’s few things sadder to me than stumbling on the ruins of a deceased blog – knowing now quite how much work is involved, I daren’t imagine the feeling of having to walk away.  See the remains of New York London Paris Munich for an example.

Anyway, if you any of my links don’t work, please do let me know, and I will endeavour to promptly update the buggers.

Equally, if you know a site you think I should add, make sure you get in touch.


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