Want My Phone Number?

Well you can’t have it.  But here are some details about me:

I’m 26 as of June 2009. I work in PR but spend my free time working at a nature park, reviewing films for a couple of kicking little websites, ambling around London taking photographs, disappointing one girl after another, annoying my flatmate, admiring the latest internet techno trickery I’ve been made privy to, downloading oodles of music and – of course – seeing as many gigs as I can. I abhor South London and adore North London, basing the distinction on the Thames, but in general I love this city and its every market, alley, canal, piece of street art, bridge, bar, boutique, park, pigeon and person; its higgledy-piggledy architecture, ramshackle geography and awful transport system; its cosmopolitan soul, its village divides and its innumerable, unknowable, beguiling secrets.  And, lord oh lord, its music.  To quote Suckers, a lovely new band at time of writing, “it gets the body moving”.



One Response to “Want My Phone Number?”

  1. You should work for a record label

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